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When it comes to accessorizing, don't forget about your ankles! Women's anklets are a delightful way to add a touch of charm and elegance to your overall look. The anklet is a foot bracelet worn around the ankle like a chain. Today, anklets are worn as an everyday accessory by women in addition to wearing them to weddings alongside gold or artificial jewellery. In this article, we will explore the enchanting world of anklets for women

Style tips

The anklet has come into its own and one can find these items used to accessorize looks not just on ramps and red carpets but in movies and television shows as well. 

The anklet swiftly gives an ensemble a funky yet feminine vibe, which is why it is so popular. It has an ethnic charm that can be either delicate or elaborate, depending on the decorations. With an anklet, women may add a touch to any appearance. One method to achieve a beautiful appearance without much work is to match black leggings with gold anklets, which make a wonderfully dramatic contrast. You can also pair this with a huge gold necklace with similar designs. The simple Indian payal or silver anklet goes beautifully with salwar kameez and kurta sets, fitting in with the overall ethnic vibe.

With boho looks, beaded anklets would be a good choice. One can match the colour of the beads to the colour of the tunic, top or dress. Shoes which don’t go beyond the ankles have to be worn; open-heeled sandals or flats would be a great match with bright, colourful anklets.

 Types of anklets

Let's explore the cultural significance of anklets in Indian tradition.

Kundan anklets

kundan anklet

 One of the most gorgeous anklets that are available is the traditional Kundan anklet, which is fashioned from well-polished gold and dates back to the Royal era. This anklet jewel is a masterpiece of elegance, crafted from polished stones that are either precious or semi-precious and arranged in a variety of floral patterns above the gold-mounted foil.

Back then, only queens and other ladies from the upper classes of society could afford to wear these Kundan anklets. These are currently the hottest trends in bridal dress for brides who want to look extra spectacular on their wedding day. This looks great with traditional Indian clothing.

Pretty Pearl Anklet Jewellery

pearl anklet

 The stunning South Sea pearls shimmering along a thin, shining chain anklet foundation made of gold or silver is the epitome of jewellery simplicity combined with classic beauty. This is the best option to look flawlessly gorgeous at any party or special occasion because it is lightweight, goes with any type of attire, and fits anyone with ease.

Beads and Baubles Anklets 

bead anklet

 Anklets with beads are fun and laid back. These exquisite pieces are the perfect blend of sophisticated and cool since they are full of colours and various patterns and embellishments made of various materials, including crystals, gems, natural stones, and precious metals. 

Oxidized Floral Anklet Jewellery 

oxidized anklet 

Oxidised jewellery can be used to achieve both an ethnic and fusion look, giving western clothing an ethnic twist or an ethnic feel to ethnic clothing.

The dazzling, antique-looking silver oxidised jewellery, which is created by subjecting sterling silver to high pressure and oxidation, adds a touch of style to everyday attire. Aesthetically glorious, fashionably glamorous, cost-effective, and available in a huge variety of designs make this one of the most popular choices for anklets for girls

Moreover, with the added factor that silver harmonizes with every skin tone and style, this jewellery is an easy choice that can never go wrong.

Black Thread Anklet 

black thread anklet

 This straightforward yet exquisite design is made of sterling silver wrapped around a black knotted belt-like loop pattern, from which the beads might hang or be attached. It is adjustable, lightweight, and fits all body types. This is perfect for the ones who suffer from rashes Or infections since this is completely non-allergic to the skin and easy to maintain. 

Evil Eye Anklets

Evil eye anklet

The favourite anklet design the evil eye anklet jewellery is a super chic yet sophisticated choice. It can also serve as a chain or bracelet by expanding the string. It is usually made up of stretchable Or non-stretchable black cord thread with an added bead in the shape of an evil eye. 

Meenakari Anklets

meenakari anklet

 Anklet jewellery crafted from the regal Indian method of meenakari, which creates brilliant enamelled motifs on metal surfaces, has never looked better. These anklets consisting of sleek gold plated chains with hanging or steadily connected meenakari pieces of patterned colourful gem looks finest when coupled up with similar outfits alongside them on the wearer.

There is an enormous range, from vibrant colours to subdued pastels. Meenakari anklets go well with Indo-Western clothing and come in a range of colours. 

This is the ideal option for anyone who like wearing colourful, ornate anklet jewellery to add a pop of excitement to their outfit. 

History of anklet

Ankle chains, also known as barefoot anklets, have reportedly been worn by South Asian ladies and girls for over 8000 years. Egyptians have also worn them since predynastic times and knew they had properties that invoked feminine power to show their bravery against other rival tribes.

Anklet jewellery trends entered the Western world around the 1930s and became a casual and fashionable jewellery statement for women in the US. But the popularity suddenly started to Rise around the 20th century when it became a piece of trending fashion jewellery for both younger men and women popularised by Western pop culture. 

Anklets have a long history in India, dating back to the Neolithic and Chalcolithic periods, when intricate stories and poetry were written about them and statues were created. Anklet jewels were worn by all sexes back then, although women started wearing them more frequently throughout time.

However, as other states and civilizations began to emerge in the various parts of India, this delicate jewellery also underwent diversification, appearing in a variety of forms and variants all over the nation. From the Rajasthani heavy silver anklet design, the Paunji or Padapdma of Odisha to the payal of Punjab and nupur of Bengal this intricate jewellery derived its different forms and marked its presence in everyone’s heart. 

Significant of anklet

Known by a variety of names, including Pattilu, Payal, Golusu, Nupur, and many others. In certain regions of the world, the exquisite Indian anklet jewellery has gained popularity due to its ability to produce a lovely melodic sound with each movement of the user.

 While anklets might be more of a trendy fashion accessory in the Western world, for Indians they covey heavy symbolism and a piece of very auspicious jewellery. This foot jewellery item has been worn for centuries in India and has slowly become an integral part of the customs and attire in the traditions. 

Therefore here are some beliefs associated with anklet jewels

  • ‌Anklet jewellery, referred to as payal locally, has profound social and spiritual meaning. Since our hands and feet are said to be continuously releasing energy into the environment, it is thought that anklets help save energy by reducing energy loss from the body.
  • Since gold was once thought to be the metal of the gods and wearing them on the foot was thought to be disrespectful to them, the majority of Indians chose silver anklets over gold ones. But now such beliefs are not in play in society, but some parts of India still believe it as a custom of their culture.
  • Some people believe that wearing anklets can provide joint pain relief which though not scientifically proven still instilled in those who have faith in it. 
  • Anklets were believed to help people manoeuvre through the dark easily as the sound of the anklets would alert the nearby small creatures like lizards, snakes, rats, etc.
  • Little children and babies are made to wear them so that the mothers can keep track of their movement around.

Importance of anklets in Indian culture

Respect for Women

Before the independence, women were not allowed to go outside or meet unknown people. They also have to keep their distance from the male members of the family. Additionally, the sound suggests that a woman is approaching so that others will respect her.

No wastage of energy

In India, it is believed that if you wear an anklet then you will not waste any energy from your body. It is said that the surroundings would not be exposed to bodily energy leaking when an anklet is worn. Indians believe that there is the continuous emission of energy into the environment through our hands and feet. It also helps to keep the people away from you who have negative vibes.

Marriage Sign

In India, women wear heavily embellished anklets of different gemstones and metals. The anklets talk about the marital status of a woman. If a woman is wearing a heavy anklet it means that she is married. Anklets aid in shielding the husband and wife's connection from unfavourable glances. Anklets are a great way for single girls to meet eligible bachelors.


All things considered, women's anklets are lovely accessories that give your ankles a dash of sophistication and flair. Whether you prefer the opulence of gold anklets or the sleek sophistication of silver anklets for girls, these dainty pieces are designed to enhance your femininity and showcase your unique fashion sense. With the convenience of online shopping, you can explore a wide range of anklets for women at ABdesign, finding the perfect piece to complement your individuality. Explore the fascinating world of women's anklets to adorn your ankles with elegance and up your fashion game.

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